Helpful Information for Healthy Joints became affiliated with today!
MarketHealth is promoting InstaFlex for JointCare and JointPain Relief.

In addition to looking for new Products to Promote, and research and information to share, I have been suffering from a back injury and JointPain for the last week! I have been to my Chiropractor twice, The Emergency Room once, the GP’s Office twice, and am awaiting pre-authorization from my Insurance Company for an MRI. I believe I have a subluxation or a slight hernia in the lower back. It was a lot worse earlier in the week, but with some relaxation using the Alexander Techniques  (referred by @audreychernoff a recruiter Friend on Twitter), with some rest, wearing one of my braces, and taking my supplements, my back is slowly improving. Hopefully an MRI will show exactly what is going on and a course of treatment can be implemented.

I will be redirecting my from this Blog to a stand-alone site to promte the Specials and JointCare Products.

I also have and and may look to offer similar products.

This Blog will still be the resource for information and will have links to various other resources discussing JointCare and JointHealth, such as the JohnsHopkins Arthritis Alerts.



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