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Today was purchased

The launch of a new work from home business has started

The goal will be to take advantage of my Web 2.0 knowledge and connections to get the word out about Joint Care Deals

I started asking a question on Twitter if anyone has heard of Cosamin and if they think it is a recognizable brand name

The idea is to see what the demographics are on Twitter!

If there are not enough people with carpal tunnel syndrome from all that Tweeting, than maybe I will need a new demographic study

I searched Google for Joint Care and similar terms and there are tons of sites and links to articles for data to populate this blog, or for research for marketing articles, etc.

For WordPress:

Millions of people are concerned about Joint Care / Joint Health for themselves and/or their pets or horses

There are countless articles and studies on Joint Care Products. My goal will be to research the data on Joint Care supplements (for people and for animals) and report in this blog the consensus for the best products, and point readers to the best deals on the best Joint Care Products!

Stay tuned!


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